01. What [category] would you put this in?
02. She won an Academy Award in the Best Actress [category].
03. It's quite difficult to [categorize] his music because it's not classical, and it's not experimental; it's something in between.
04. His books are generally [categorized] as historical fiction.
05. The athlete won awards in 3 different [categories]: mvp, most sportsmanlike, and most points in the season.
06. The Music Awards has just recently added a rap [category] to its show.
07. She won awards in both the best female vocalist, and best album of the year [categories].
08. Someone once muttered that auto racing fans fall into two [categories]: tattooed, shirtless, sewer-mouthed drunks, and their husbands.
09. According to recent studies, the average female between the ages of 20 and 44 is more likely to be overweight than are males in the same age [category].
10. It is hard to [categorize] her novels because they are so original that there is very little literature to compare them to.
11. The next question in tonight's quiz show is in the [category] of history.
12. Malaysia's natural resources fall into three basic [categories]: agricultural, mineral, and energy.
13. Someone once joked that birthday gifts generally fall into two [categories]: those you don't like, and those you didn't get.
14. In Chinese culture, food is divided into three basic [categories]: yin, yang, and neutral.
15. We can describe most things in our environment at a variety of levels of abstraction, from very broad and general [categories], to very narrow and specific terms.
16. The students did an exercise in which they had to [categorize] the new vocabulary according to the part of speech.
17. [Categorizing] their music as punk or rock is meaningless. It is both and it is more. It is indefinable.
18. The books in our ESL library are [categorized] into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
19. Musical innovations in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries strongly affected the previously conservative [category] of sacred music.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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